EDconnect Look, Listen, Launch series

Getting the fundamentals of oral language and communication

Relationships for learning are founded on effective communication.  Research shows that teachers who know some of the fundamentals of neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics and the communication chain can change their practice in ways that make a significant difference to communication and learning.

Our workshops provide insights into the latest research about oral language and communication. Participants leave with the assessment tools, techniques and other resources they need to improve children’s oral language and literacy. They learn to build on the communication strengths of second language learners and those with speech, language, and communication difficulties, while addressing any barriers. Courses are suitable for practitioners in the early childhood, primary and secondary settings, with youth at risk, and at workforce entry.

Upcoming workshops

Beginning The Journey
Taupo, from 3 March

Beginning The Journey for Mentors
Taupo, 2 March

EDconnect Digital

Connect, Create and Explore digital solutions

Digital Technologies and the national curriculum – learning about and with digital technologies is vital for students to contribute to developing an informed digital society. Success in delivering digital curriculum outcomes is related to confident teachers working with students. The way we work is designed to support your school community to successfully implement the digital curriculum, through utilising a simple yet powerful set of skills and strategies in the classroom. These are age appropriate, easy and fun for teachers to implement and specifically designed to support both teachers who may not be confident with digital technologies and those who wish to extend and challenge students is using digital technology.

EDconnect Develop

Developing Adaptive Educators

Teacher and leadership development needs to be appropriate for the context and curriculum, and responsive to the strengths and needs of individuals, schools, communities of learning, or Kāhui Ako. We work with you to determine these needs, and help map out and facilitate customised professional development and support to develop teacher pedagogical and curriculum knowledge and leadership knowledge and expertise. In this way, teachers develop the capabilities that are necessary to achieve ambitious outcomes that matter to your community. EDconnect works with you to co-construct professional learning opportunities that are context-specific, and strengths- and needs-based. We offer an extensive library of two-hour modules that can be selected, combined and adapted to meet the individual needs of beginning teachers and aspiring leaders.

EDconnect STEM

Growing creativity through real-world applications of STEM learning

Utilising a simple set of powerful strategies and methodologies used in STEM education in the classroom can transform the way the curriculum is delivered and provide engaging and exciting learning experiences for your students. Teachers will find that utilising these STEM strategies will reinvigorate their teaching and make teaching an exciting journey for the whole learning community that can transform teaching and learning in your school.