Capability Building

Ministry PLD


New professional learning priorities came into effect from term four, 2020, which means kura, schools and Kāhui ako can apply for regionally-allocated PLD under the new priorities from this time. The new priorities for English-medium settings are:

  1. Assessment for Learning
  2. Local curriculum design
  3. Cultural capability

Further information about the PLD priorities from the Ministry of Education:

  • Professional Learning & Development – PLD priorities for regionally-allocated PLD

Full descriptions of priorities for English medium settings that underpin regionally allocated PLD

  • Professional Learning & Development – PLD priorities livestream

Livestream from the Ministry of Education outlining how the PLD priorities for regionally-allocated PLD support the sector and the Ministry’s strategic goals, as well as scheduled webinars focused on individual priority areas.

Ministry SELO

EDconnect are Ministry approved SELO providers

SELO (Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities for children, whānau, families and communities) is a professional development programme to support early learning services. We work with management and teachers/educators to support a shift in practice towards high quality management, teaching and learning. EDconnect provides support for both programmes:

  • Programme 1: Support to meet licensing requirements (SELO 1)
  • Programme 2: Regionally allocated PLD (SELO 2)
    • Inclusive early learning environments
    • Te Whāriki delivery, inclusive of early numeracy and literacy
    • Leadership
    • Teaching and learner support capability

EDconnect school development


School development starts with knowing where you are, deciding  where you want to be, and designing a process for getting there. The EDconnect team can support you through this. Depending on your needs, we can help you to prepare and respond to external review, work through your annual cycle of planning, goal setting and reporting, or co-construct, implement, and review plans to improve student outcomes in your priority areas.

We can provide an external viewpoint and help you to ‘see what you don’t see’. Talk to us about developing evaluative and curriculum capability in your team.

EDconnect appraisal/PGC

Professional growth and learning for leaders.

Coaching and external facilitation provide support, learning and challenge to enable leader’s insight into and beyond the leadership decisions they make. In this way Appraisal as Professional Growth and Learning raises awareness of the decisions made and the acts of leadership that principals and leaders engage in daily.

The concept of ‘appraisal as learning’ raises awareness of leaders’ daily decisions and acts of leadership. We offer coaching that supports and challenges leaders to develop insight into and beyond the leadership decisions they make.

Dialogue, documentation, observation, and questioning are all important sources of information that form part of the growth cycle process. This information guides leaders in reflecting and inquiring into the effectiveness of their practice. In this way leaders are supported to grow in their relational leadership, with the aim of being intentional with deliberate acts of leadership that create opportunities to achieve their learning and performance goals.

EDconnect Leadership

Changing the leadership view

Principals are ‘Educational Leaders‘ who lead in contexts where relationships are critical to the success of their educational purpose, leadership, teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment. In addition, Educational Leaders lead within a deepening appreciation of the complexity of their everyday experiences; an ‘inside-out’ perspective.

As outsiders, we engage with Educational Leaders and their immediate contexts from an ‘outside-in’ perspective; observing, learning, discussing, discerning and engaging with the leader’s priorities for the ongoing development of their staff and the organisation.

Provisionally Certificated Teachers

Responsive to the needs of participants and their schools.

This forward-thinking, personalised professional learning is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to inspire leadership competencies, encourage effective instructional practice, and support fluency with strategies for learner success.

Delivery is in small group settings, highly interactive, and responsive to the needs of the participants and their schools.

EDconnect Language of Learning

A seamless approach that impacts on learners of all ages and is the key in preparing the ground for future learning success.

One of the biggest challenges on learning success is teachers misunderstanding of the importance of oral language and communication. It is much more than simply speaking and listening. The features of oral language are often misinterpreted in the way English is taught. Particularly to non-English speakers. Oral language is the foundation for all literacy skill development and learning. It is the strongest indicator of later reading, writing, and overall academic achievement.

EDconnect recruit

Appointing the right people

People are key to the success of any organisation. It is essential to employ the right people in the right roles and then support them with continuing professional development. Everyone should feel comfortable in the environment and share the same values.

We guide you through a verified recruitment process that is specific, individualised, and targeted to your needs.  We take the time to get to know the people the new appointee will report to and work with and to understand both the role and culture. That way, we can help you find the right people for your place.