Curriculum Design

We understand the importance of designing a local curriculum that is responsive to the individual strengths and needs of learners, the priorities and aspirations of communities, and the direction set in national curriculum documents. Every learner deserves to experience and be part of creating rich learning opportunities that connect to who they are, where they are from, and where they want to go.

A curriculum that is locally centred creates strong, connected communities that grow young people with the capabilities they need to engage with others in respectful, productive relationships.

Local curriculum design requires the ability to scan the landscape and select the new ideas and ways of doing things that work for your people in your environment.

How we can help

EDconnect can help you develop your design-for-learning capabilities so that you can create an authentic local curriculum.

We can help you:

  • develop the pedagogical and content expertise required to design, implement, review, and improve a rich, culturally responsive local curriculum
  • grow your cultural capability, use information to inform decision-making, and co-design a curriculum building on local resources and contexts
  • mentor provisionally certificated teachers and use appraisal as a tool for professional learning for teachers and school leaders
  • explore the latest research about high-impact teaching and leadership practices and how to integrate this into your local curriculum
  • use purpose-built tools that provide insights into your school or centre and help you to connect goals and aspirations with day-to-day learning experiences
  • design the future of your school and develop the evaluative capabilities necessary for planning and review.
  • prepare your students to be creators and problem solvers in the digital world not just systems users.