Engaging Learners

At the heart of education lies the creation of dynamic and inclusive learning relationships. Today we grapple with challenges and opportunities demanding adaptability. To navigate this landscape, we must cultivate flexible and creative thinking, designing solutions for novel problems and crafting innovative approaches for new tasks.

Our focus is on enhancing learner engagement by establishing meaningful learning relationships. We believe that by doing so, individuals can surpass the confines of their own experiences and make a positive impact. Together, we can confront inequity, ensuring that every child not only achieves educational success but also develops a positive sense of well-being.

How We Foster Engagement

Our approach centres on connecting with you. We prioritise listening, asking questions, and understanding your needs before embarking on shared knowledge-building. We collaborate with you in the same spirit we encourage you to work with others – with respect, integrity, and moral purpose. We actively facilitate productive relationships for learning, spanning local, national, and international communities.

As relational leaders, we engage in co-creating learning experiences, partnering with you to instigate positive change. Our offerings include professional learning opportunities through workshops, guidance, and resources, encapsulated by the term ‘relational facilitation.’

We help you:

  • Cultivate reciprocal learning relationships within and between all facets of your community: learners, teachers, leaders, families, and the broader community.
  • Participate in continuous and inclusive learning conversations about expectations and the trajectory of learning.
  • Access resources, tools, and experiences that facilitate personal learning connections and collaboration with others.
  • Bridge the existing knowledge within your community with insights from research and aligning it with national priorities for action.
  • Navigate and lever disruptive change as an opportunity for individual and collective empowerment.

Capabilities for learning and empowerment

We offer professional learning workshops, guidance, and resources that draw from the best international evidence while being tailored to the realities of your local context. Together, we can grow the capabilities that will make a positive difference for your learners in your community.
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