Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning is about checking the impact of our actions and whether they are achieving the outcomes we intend. It’s about a rigorous, ongoing, and collaborative process of examining evidence to understand the impact of teaching and learning. And it’s about using that information to make decisions about the next steps for learning and change.

Robust assessment-for-learning practices both require and create quality relationships for learning. They are streamlined and focused on outcomes that matter.

How we can help

EDconnect uses evidence-based tools and processes to inquire into impact.

We can help you:

  • become adept in using assessment tools and procedures that promote assessment for learning
  • identify priority areas, determine professional learning pathways, and apply for Ministry of Education funding
  • use the EDconnect Progress report to determine progress
  • use the EDconnect mapping process to understand where you sit in relationship to external evaluation indicators
  • design and deliver professional learning opportunities for beginning teachers and aspiring leaders that are personalised to the individual and aligned with school priorities
  • use appraisal to generate critical reflection and design responses that help you achieve your goals for learning and performance
  • understand the purpose, principles, and use of standardised assessment and how these can be used to enable assessment for learning.

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Stories from practice

As a school and senior leadership team, we have worked extensively with EDconnect addressing assessment for learning. The process of identifying needs within the school systems and staff was robust and thorough. This was followed by a collaborative and well planned approach to implementing changes. The outcomes within our learner achievement, as a direct result of the revitalised approach to assessment for learning, were outstanding and far exceeded our expectations.

Zac Taylor, Principal