Meet our team

Thomas Male

Thomas is the current XR Development Team lead at ByteEd and lead developer of the Play Code Learn AR App. Play Code Learn is a series of STEM kits for use in the classroom that teaches the basics of digital technologies and computational thinking. He has also created a number of lessons and modules for both students and teachers covering topics such as developing your own VR experience or learning to program with C#.

Thomas has also shared his love and knowledge of VR technologies by running both In-person and remote PLD’s for hundreds of teachers around the world. These topics include how to develop VR, how to use VR in the classroom, and how to use AR technology to help teach digital technologies and computational thinking in schools. Thomas has also developed and provided Tutorials and lesson content for VR and WebXR development to thousands of students worldwide.

Thomas has been interested in and developed VR-related technologies since their mainstream release in 2016 with the HTC Vive VR Headset. Since then, Thomas has worked on large amounts of different VR projects, ranging from educational experiences to entertainment. Thomas has also done a number of different R&D projects related to emerging VR technology, such as facial tracking and emotion recognition using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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