Meet our team

Penny Miller

Penny started her career as a teacher with experience gained in both NZ and the UK before moving into the HR domain. She has over 20 years’ experience in HR, including senior roles within the education sector specifically consulting in NZ and overseas and the tertiary education sector. Penny has been involved in large scale recruitment processes with very tight deadlines and strict parameters through to individual appointments. All recruitment is specific and individualised with a targeted approach to meet the client’s needs. We can help you with a recruitment plan to ensure we are going to attract the right people.

Getting the recruitment process right is paramount to all successful organizations. People are the key. Recruiting the right people is essential, as is the way recruitment is carried out. Now in the 21st century, recruitment approaches have changed, and culture is recognised as imperative to the process. It takes more than short listing and interviewing, the cultural fit is just as important – that both sides feel comfortable in the environment, that they have the same values and work ethic.

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