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Paul Tupou-Vea

An avid learner, Paul has always been curious about how humans can do better. This started by investigating how the education system can better respond to the needs of marginalised youth, especially Māori and Pacific akonga. Today, this has continued into his field of passion – wellbeing. Paul champions an evidence-informed approach to teaching practice in response to the diverse wellbeing needs and challenges of learners, teachers and leaders.


Paul has worked with children both in and outside of the classroom for nearly 18 years. He brings extensive experience of leading organisations in youth and wellbeing environments, currently serving as the President for the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology.


As a practitioner, Paul began his career as a youth development practitioner and project manager before deciding to become a teacher. As a maths and social studies teacher in a boarding school for 8 years, Paul led the development of a personal and social growth curriculum and also became a qualified outdoor educator, while coaching and mentoring groups of Year 9 boys.


Currently Paul mentors and guides school leaders and supports them to navigate their school communities towards wellbeing conducive school-culture, aligned with the special nature of each given school. He also teaches and runs workshops on wellbeing science for staff, for teaching and for learners, as well as culturally responsive practice, especially for learners in the margins, especially Pacific students.

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