Meet our team

Naomi Kinnaird

Naomi is co-director of EDconnect, alongside Bronwyn. Together, they share a deep commitment to raising outcomes for learners through building relationships for learning.

Naomi is an experienced educational leader and professional learning facilitator. She has worked internationally in several professional development advisory, facilitation, and curriculum writing roles including directing leadership and aspiring leader projects, and assessment for learning and local curriculum initiatives.

Drawing on her experience as a teacher, principal, and adviser to schools Naomi takes a personalised place-based approach to connecting people with ‘what works’. Her facilitation work encompasses leader and teacher professional growth for effective leadership and successful teaching and learning.

As an ELKLAN Accredited Keys to Language and Learning Trainer Naomi delivers oral language and communication workshops for teachers, leaders, support staff, and parents. Workshop resources and strategies are key to learners accessing language and learning. These are foundational in supporting a structured approach to literacy.

Naomi is a NZSTA Endorsed Consultant supporting schools with Principal Appointment and Performance Management. Her appraisal work focuses on professional growth. Through conversational coaching she uses her depth and breadth of teaching and leadership experience to provide challenge, support, and learning.

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