Meet our team

Deb Masters

Deb is an experienced educator who has worked at school, government and university levels in New Zealand and led curriculum and assessment development.


Deb’s background and experience as a teacher at both primary and secondary levels means she is able to connect the dots across all school levels. She is conversant with all levels of school curriculum and qualifications and regularly works with schools to look at the best ways that they can work towards the goal where all students make a year of progress for a year of teaching and learning input.


In her leadership role with the New Zealand Ministry of Education Deb led the rewriting of the New Zealand English curriculum in collaboration with educators from across the country. She has experience in the development of senior secondary curriculum and qualifications both as a classroom teacher of English and media studies but also as a member of NZ Qualifications Authority working groups and moderation panels.


Deb has also been responsible for the development of the New Zealand Assessment Strategy including the development of a world-leading online teaching and learning/assessment tool and its rollout to schools. She has worked alongside school leaders and classroom teachers to develop and embed the practices of using formative assessment data as part of daily classroom and school-wide use.

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