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David Giles

Professor David Giles is an Emeritus Professor (Educational Leadership and Management, Flinders University) and an Adjunct Professor (School of Education, University of Adelaide).

David has taught in primary and secondary schools, teacher education, educational leadership and adult education in New Zealand and Australia. He is currently working with a number of schools providing professional learning for leadership.

His consultancy and research interests focus on the relational nature of pedagogy, strengths-based practice, educational leadership, and organizational cultures.  A recurring theme in his work and practice is that relational and moral imperatives for education are essential to our praxis.

In 2017 he received two Australian Council of Educational Leadership awards, the ACEL National Fellowship Award and the ACEL (SA) Alby Jones Award. The Alby Jones Award is for outstanding Educational leaders who have made a significant contribution to education, educational leadership and the improvement of student and organisational outcomes. In 2016 he also received the Australian Council of Deans of Education National Award for outstanding service to education and teacher education nationally, and for services as the President of the ACDE (South Australian) branch.

He has published a range of articles and books, the most recent being his 2019 book ”Relational Leadership in Education: a phenomenon of inquiry and practice” (London, Routledge).

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