Cheryl Terry

Cheryl is a Digital Literacy and Innovation specialist with over 25 years of experience in New Zealand and around the world, teaching students from the Early Years to Year 11. More recently, she has worked as a Digital Literacy Coach, working with students and teachers from the Early Years to Year 6.

Cheryl is passionate about empowering teachers, young people and the school community to use digital technologies effectively, responsibly, safely and respectfully. She has extensive experience in leading professional development, hosting workshops for whanau and creating relevant and authentic learning experiences which empower our young people to be digitally adept. Cheryl is skilled in designing and developing digital outcomes which encourage students to be critical thinkers and thoughtful in creating their online identity.

Cheryl has a particular interest in computational thinking, coding and robotics, as well as innovation and design thinking. She brings experience in local curriculum development, curriculum mapping and facilitating groups. 

Drawing on her experience as a teacher, coach, consultant and facilitator to schools, Cheryl takes a personalised, place-based approach to connecting her skills to what individual schools and Kāhui Ako need.

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