Meet our team

Bronwyn Weston

Bronwyn is co-director of EdConnect, alongside Naomi. Together, they share a deep commitment to raising outcomes for learners through building relationships for learning.

Bronwyn brings over 15 years’ professional learning and development experience, both in New Zealand and in other parts of the world. Twelve of these years were with Cognition Education, where she held a number of roles.

Bronwyn is passionate about helping leaders, teachers, students, and communities make powerful connections with each other. She takes a customised approach that uses the research about ‘what works’ to make a difference for particular people in a particular place. Her special interests include evaluative and cultural capability. Bronwyn knows how to bring these capabilities together within the framework of relational leadership.

Oral language is central to learning and communication. Research offers new ways to drive improvement in oral language and communication in order to improve, not just learning and achievement, but overall well-being. She is keen to show teachers and school leaders how they can use this knowledge to empower their students and strengthen their communities.

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