Cultural Capability

Cultural capability is closely connected to the concepts of diversity and inclusion. It begins with understanding ourselves – being aware of our own identity, heritage, language, and culture. It’s about understanding where we sit in relationship to others and how our ways of thinking, knowing, and being impact upon each other.

People with cultural capability know that culture is about shared beliefs, values, and ways of acting and being. In education, cultural capability includes the ability to recognise and respond to the cultural capital of learners, family, and others in the wider community.

Globalisation is increasing cultural diversity in most parts of the world. By growing our capability, that diversity becomes a resource for learning, growth, and enhanced wellbeing.

How we can help

EDconnect can work with you to develop culturally responsive leadership and pedagogical practices that deepen connections and ensure your learners have the cultural capabilities that are critical to active citizenship.

We can help you:

  • critically examine your school culture to determine how your current practices align with expectations
  • work with your community to develop shared understandings about what constitutes effective, engaging, and relevant learning
  • identify what works for your priority students that will also improve learning for all students
  • identify priority areas, determine your professional learning pathway, and apply for Ministry of Education funding.

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