Archives for October 27, 2022

EDleadership foundations workshop series

A great way to bring everyone together and see where we are as a collective at the beginning, and where we need to go next to be a better and more effective leadership team.

Today has highlighted areas of need for our team. It promoted professional discussions.

Today’s professional development was thought provoking and at times challenging. It was great to have an ending where next steps are planned for. Bronwyn was interesting and real. She was great. Thank you. 

Today was interesting and engaging. We got to identify our strengths and weaknesses then set goals to work on as a senior leadership team together to support the whole school. 

Interesting, informative, goal setting, reflective, honest, collaborative with the team. 

Today highlighted how we can be a more effective team. It caused us to think about what is necessary for a team to be effective. 

I think today’s workshop was really insightful. It put in front of us how we work as a team which was a little uncomfortable but essential if we are to move forward as a functional team.