Keys to Language and Learning – “This course has changed my thinking about my whole 25 years that I’ve been teaching!”

Eleven leaders from the Bloom Charter Schools located in Al Ain in the UAE recently took part in the Keys to Language and Learning course. This course has been specifically developed with Elklan for EDconnect to deliver in education settings. Our facilitators are Elklan accredited and provide exceptional professional development for teachers through courses that are full of useful strategies to support all learners to build oral language, listening, memory, speech, and literacy skills – as part of their normal teaching practices.

Bronwyn and Naomi had a fabulous time working with this very motivated and professional across schools team who originated from all over the world. Their unanimous consensus was that there should be a far greater emphasis on the importance of oral language and communication in classrooms and professional learning. It was exciting to see that our course evaluation showed that every participant would recommend it to a colleague.

Comments from participants:

“This course has changed my thinking about my whole 25 years that I’ve been teaching! There were several times where I thought……how many children/students have I not “taught” correctly over those 25 years, by doing/teaching what I have been……OMG!!!”

“The  EDconnect facilitation team are fantastic, knowledgeable, approachable, clear in their delivery and expectations of what needs to be covered and seen to…we covered a whole year’s worth of work, information and much needed, relevant, important “stuff” in only three days!!!”“The assignments opened up doors you wouldn’t normally generate. Quite thought provoking.”