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    Connecting you with the right people.

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    Discovering and understanding what you really need.

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    Working with you to create a learning cycle to connect: the people, the needs, the learning and measurable solutions to make a difference for all of your students.

We support you to make connections with what works for your leaders, teachers, students, and community.
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    We coach working collaboratively to transfer responsibility from facilitator to learner.
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    We challenge the way you think about evaluation to grow your capability.
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    We capture your data and evidence with you, to inform practice and decision making.
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    We create opportunities for leadership growth (leadership, teachers, Board of Trustees).

Who We Are

Our team of facilitators and network of associates are knowledgeable, experienced, respected members of the education community, in New Zealand and Internationally. All of our team are required to have a sound pedagogical foundation and commitment to their own professional learning from which they can be responsive to a wide range of identified needs.Know More

We work with you on:

  • MOE PLD applications and delivery.
  • Understanding and implementing a collaborative inquiry model.
  • Measuring student progress and achievement; raising evaluative capability.
  • Developing teacher pedagogical and curriculum knowledge.
  • Getting the best from e-asTTle and evaluation tools so the results can enhance teaching and learning.
  • Coaching and growing your senior, middle and aspiring leaders.
  • Providing relevant and responsive professional development for beginning and returning teachers.
  • Appraisal – Principal appraisal.
  • School review and improvement planning.
  • Recruiting and appointing the right people.

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