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Audrie McKenzie Daly

As a leader in primary schools Audrie has been in positions of influence for nearly 30 years. From small rural communities to urban schools Audrie has shown a flair for building teams and promoting learning relationships. As a project manager for a schooling improvement cluster and for a nationwide EOTC programme (LEARNZ) she has worked alongside coaching many teachers in both face to face and virtual settings.

Returning to Christchurch from working in the central North Island, she has experienced, negotiated and led through the day-to-day stresses within schools experiencing thousands of earthquakes and an educational network review which closed her school. Although school closure is a rough experience Audrie’s leadership skill enabled the school community, whānau and students to transition with easy hearts. 

Recently as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour she has been part of teams coaching and supporting teachers in schools and classrooms in the Eastern suburbs of Christchurch and on the Chatham and Pitt Islands.

A long time literacy leader Audrie has spent time as a Literacy Advisor working for UCed Plus and has always had a passion for reading and writing.

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