Meet our team

Anna Zhigareva

Anna first encountered Stylefit as a student at Kristin School in Auckland. Her big ambition in those days was to be a published author and she achieved this while still at school.

She is committed to being a life-long learner and already has an MA Hons in Linguistics. She is also currently completing her MSc in Equine Science and is a Certified Translator.

Anna has exceptional leadership skills. She edited her University paper, ran a non-profit and chaired the Translators’ Society, all while completing her Linguistics degree at the University of Edinburgh.

She also fully appreciates the challenges students face when learning a second or third language, being multi-lingual herself. Anna dreams of a world of Global Citizens who communicate effortlessly and hopes that working for Stylefit will enable her to play a major part in enabling this to happen.

Anna runs online workshops and follows these up with a commitment to delivering excellent service to schools. She supports Stylefit’s webinar programme, which encourages debate and discussion on matters of interest to educators. Her greatest achievement by far is the school’s writing competition which attracted over 3000 entries last year.

Anna is an accredited PLD facilitator as well as the Customer Relations Manager at Stylefit.

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