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Sound Beginnings

Developing oral language for success in learning and literacy.
“Growing reading brains through oral language”.
Reading is not a visual process … it’s all about sound.


Taupo Primary School

27 Feb 2020

3:00 to 6:30



Waihi Central School

25 March 2020

3:45 to 6:30



Pukekohe North School

19 February 2020

3:45 – 6:30 pm


Engaging Conversations

Developing oral language for success in learning and literacy.
“The language we use influences the way we think” Stephen Pinker.
Children learn language through social relationships; the way they listen to and speak with others while engaged in activities together.

Super Charge with STEM

Transform your classroom setting using STEM-based thinking and problem solving.
“All of life is problem-solving” Carl Hopper.
Super charge your classroom by implementing these proven system strategies and methodologies.


Nelson Park School, Napier

18 Feb 2020

3:45 to 6:15


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Keys to Language and Learning

Oral language has a profound impact on children’s preparedness for learning and on their ongoing success as life-long learners.
There are many complex processes involved in oral language and communication. A problem with one aspect likely impacts on others.
This course provides an understanding of what happens when we communicate. It explores the keys to communication and provides strategies for supporting oral language and communication.