Zac Taylor

Principal, Waihi East School

Our Board of Trustee’s, Senior leadership team and staff have been working with Bronwyn as our main PLD provider since October 2017.

She and her team/contacts have a vast expanse of knowledge and experience that we tap into at many many levels in just as many areas, from the curriculum and pedagogical knowledge to school leadership strategies and effective change management.

The process of identifying needs and possible approaches has been smooth and efficient, developing action plans and implementation plans is done to a high level but with flexibility and understandings of the ever-changing challenges, we face in the day to day running of a school.Amongst a raft of areas, Bronwyn has worked extensively within our SLT and staff developing understandings of assessment practices and using them to improve student progress and measure change. She facilitates staff meetings and PLD delivery, 1:1 with teachers, running workshops and day programmes that cater for the needs of our teachers. She works in our classes modeling practices and new ideas etc. She facilitates in such a way that everyone feels valued while still challenging thinking, asking the ‘tricky’ questions, talking about the elephant in the room, highlighting new thinking and possible solutions without ‘forcing’ her ideas and agendas on us.

Bronwyn’s adaptability, fast thinking, thick skin and easy going cheerful nature, makes her a great fit in the busy school environment.

Des Hammond


Penny was recruited into the HR Director role for a large Education Group at a time of massive change and growth. The growth included expansion into a number of countries with the number of staff placements tripling. Imperative in recruiting for and filling these positions was the need for highly skilled educators who could adapt to both contract and cultural requirements.

Penny brought to the role an understanding of the professional services sector with direct experience in education. Her experience in all aspects of HR coupled with her common sense approach and empathy when dealing with the staff was exceptional.

Colleen Douglas

Director, Colleen Douglas Education

Naomi is a very experienced Leadership adviser. I admire her thoughtful, analytical approach to issues and her empathetic approach to people. I saw first hand Naomi’s work with beginning principals and experienced principals who were facing challenges. She was positive, empowering, calm, practical. She engages with people easily because of her friendly low key manner and gentle sense of humor. She is well read and applies the latest research and best practice in her work. I always found Naomi to be hard working, supportive of colleagues and exceptionally capable – able to tackle the toughest situations and achieve a positive outcome.

Jennifer Bedford

Deputy Principal, Paeroa

Since working with Bronwyn as part of the senior management team, my confidence in my position as Assistant Principal has increased immeasurably. Bronwyn and I have worked closely together as she has coached me through observations in literacy and giving meaningful feedback to staff. Bronwyn has facilitated Professional Development in maths which has inspired me in the teaching of my Year 3 class. Bronwyn’s support has developed my confidence to grow and sustain my professional leadership.