Measuring Progress

Ensuring that each student is making individual progress and achieving success is crucial to their understanding of current schooling. Likewise, a school’s understanding of collective learning and possible trends helps to determine professional learning needs and inform ongoing planning. To enable us to judge how successful our teaching has been and plan for further teaching, we can use a range of assessment tools and procedures.
We all want to have a real impact on how well our students do at school. But do you really know how much impact you are having? Teachers who want to measure their impact find it hard to do so, simply because they do not know how. Using effect size is one measure of progress, rather than a measure of achievement. It describes how much a student has improved not how they did in comparison to other students within the class.

The EDconnect Progress and Achievement report shows progress using effect size and is a valuable tool in your assessment toolbox. Contact us to learn more.

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