EDconnect school development

Design, implement, review, and improve a culturally responsive local curriculum

School development starts with knowing where you are, deciding  where you want to be, and designing a process for getting there. The EDconnect team can support you through this. Depending on your needs, we can help you to prepare and respond to external review, work through your annual cycle of planning, goal setting and reporting, or co-construct, implement, and review plans to improve student outcomes in your priority areas.

We can provide an external viewpoint and help you to ‘see what you don’t see’. Talk to us about developing evaluative and curriculum capability in your team.

EDconnect appraisal

Appraisal as learning

We work with you to ensure appraisal is a robust process that meets the requirements of the Education Council and School Trustees Association and provides an opportunity for leadership learning and growth.

The concept of ‘appraisal as learning’ raises awareness of leaders’ daily decisions and acts of leadership. We offer coaching that supports and challenges leaders to develop insight into and beyond the leadership decisions they make.

Dialogue, documentation, observation, and questioning are all important sources of information that form part of the appraisal process. This information guides leaders in reflecting and inquiring into the effectiveness of their practice. We support leaders to use their engagement in appraisal to develop intentional and deliberate acts of leadership that achieve their learning and performance goals.

EDconnect recruit

Using recruitment for organisational growth

People are key to the success of any organisation. It is essential to employ the right people in the right roles and then support them with continuing professional development. Everyone should feel comfortable in the environment and share the same values.

We guide you through a verified recruitment process that is specific, individualised, and targeted to your needs.  We take the time to get to know the people the new appointee will report to and work with and to understand both the role and culture. That way, we can help you find the right people for your place.

The EDconnect Mapping Process

Mapping the way to positive change

EDconnect has developed a mapping process to guide internal evaluation and help centres and schools plan their journey towards educational success.  Our process uses indicators that focus on the things that matter most in improving student outcomes. It lets you input your data so you can see where you sit in relation to the indicators.

The EDconnect Mapping Process can be used for numerous reasons and by a variety of people. For example, you could check the pulse of recent progress in your school community. Or, you might be considering an investment in professional learning and need clarity about where to target it. Whatever your reason, you can use the EDconnect Mapping process to promote positive change.


An inside-out verses outside-in perspective

Principals are ‘Educational Leaders‘ who lead in contexts where relationships are critical to the success of their educational purpose, leadership, teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment. In addition, Educational Leaders lead within a deepening appreciation of the complexity of their everyday experiences; an ‘inside-out’ perspective.

As outsiders, we engage with Educational Leaders and their immediate contexts from an ‘outside-in’ perspective; observing, learning, discussing, discerning and engaging with the leader’s priorities for the ongoing development of their staff and the organisation.