It’s Time

Now’s the time to start planning for your 2019 PLD

The main priority for centrally funded professional learning and development should be leadership of systematic evidence-informed inquiry and the organising framework should be an adapted version of the spiral of inquiry, learning and action, The Professional Learning and Development Advisory Group, recommendation 2014.

If you want to access MOE PLD you will need to complete a proposal and your inquiry will be central to this. You will want to be clear about what you are trying to achieve, how you reached this conclusion, and how this sits with school, kura or Kāhui Ako goals?

Now is the time to start considering the evidence you have in prioritising improvement goals for ākonga and deciding what external support you may need.
Proposals can be co-constructed and many schools appreciate the personalised support their chosen PLD provider can provide. We can help you navigate the process.

How can I access centrally-funded PLD?

Information about the key dates and contacts in your area

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